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The department of Finistere (29), situated at the extremely West of Brittany, it takes its name from its geographical position, Finistere - in breton "Penn-ar-bed" literally meaning "Where the earth is finite", as well served by TGV stations and airport whose one international in Brest.
Authentic and preserved, the Brittany and more particularly the Finistere which is one sector touristic, sector more and more frequented where the request, in term of real estate acquisition remains constant to the wealth of its culture in the broad sense but also to the multitude of activities in which people have easily access.
The lovers of nature remained wild will be filled by the beauty of the endless sandy beaches of our cut coast, in particular by the magic which emerges of our islands Breton as "Sein" or "Molène" or the Glenan archipelago situated at south-Finistere, in approximately nautical 9 miles of the coast. The lovers of sliding sports will devote as for them to their passion in Country Bigouden - whose capital is Pont-L'abbé - in particular in the forefront of the Torch, "the spot" known well by the surfers and the kite-surfers. For more "seaside" holidays in family with swimming, rest on the beach or Thalasso cure, appointment then in the neighborhood of Bénodet, Beg-Meil, Sainte-Marine or Fouesnant, renamed sector "Golden triangle" of Finistere in reference to districts the most appreciated by the French capital.
On the south coast of Britany, we invite you to a port of call of excellence ; artists, industrialists, internationally renowned skippers chose to drop anchor there ; with its marine gulfs, moors, rivers and valleys, Morbihan is a formidable seducer, land of a thousand faces. Its coast is lapped by the Atlantic Ocean, but it is his famous 'Golfe', officially ranked among the most beautiful bays in the world, which gave its name to the Morbihan in Brittany, mor bihan literally means "little sea". Many other inlets cut into the Morbihan coast, called 'rias', are elongated estuaries and invaded by the sea. The climate is exceptionally mild and our coast is the sunniest of Britanny. The charm of authentic fishermen's villages, marvellous beach resorts renowned, sandy beaches, clear and invigorating waters, lush nature, a unique maritime heritage, world-famous historic sites, this is what the faithful of France Chateaux Morbihan are looking

La Baule is located on the Atlantic coast 77 km west of Nantes.
September 24, 1989 commissioning the TGV Paris -Nantes - Le Croisic to connect La Baule to Nantes in an hour and Paris in three hours. The city has an airport located east of the town.
The elegant resort of international renown, the rhythm of the seasons... Sometimes summer , sometimes magic when Christmas is here, different each time , each time surprising ! Born with the development of the railway, La Baule was previously a single dune. Wealthy entrepreneurs of the time there developed in real estate, into a large resort.
The beach, the city shares with the common Pouliguen and Pornichet, is over eight kilometers is considered by many as "one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe". It borders the neighborhoods of La Baule- les-Pins, La Baule Centre and Casino Benedict. Nearly Pouliguen beach Benedict is known for its fine white sand. Its foreshore contains large amounts of shells and boat.
The club of the most beautiful bays in the world, currently has about forty members, including: the Bay of Mont -Saint- Michel, the Somme , the Gulf of Morbihan in France but also the SanFrancisco Bay and Bay Ha Long , has just welcomed its members the Bay of La Baule.
Resort on the Côte d'Amour, is famous for its long beach at the bottom of the bay of Pouliguen, its casino and palaces by the sea With an estimated population of about 16,000, the summer population can reach 150,000 inhabitants .
The climate of the town is, as is the case for all the Loire - Atlantic oceanic whose penetration is favored by the presence of the estuary of the Loire and the absence of significant terrain. La Baule resort offers many recreational and event throughout the year, the most important are "Derbies of the Baule " competitions for amateurs and enthusiasts Polo, Golf , horseback riding, beach volleyball, and ultimate, beach tennis , etc.
Dining Beach with Sea View their terraces, and beautiful sunsets, you also give an impression, so special to this unique Bay.

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