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Luxury real estate in Brittany and Loire-Atlantique
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On the south coast of Britany, we invite you to a port of call of excellence ; artists, industrialists, internationally renowned skippers chose to drop anchor there ; with its marine gulfs, moors, rivers and valleys, Morbihan is a formidable seducer, land of a thousand faces. Its coast is lapped by the Atlantic Ocean, but it is his famous 'Golfe', officially ranked among the most beautiful bays in the world, which gave its name to the Morbihan in Brittany, mor bihan literally means "little sea". Many other inlets cut into the Morbihan coast, called 'rias', are elongated estuaries and invaded by the sea. The climate is exceptionally mild and our coast is the sunniest of Britanny. The charm of authentic fishermen's villages, marvellous beach resorts renowned, sandy beaches, clear and invigorating waters, lush nature, a unique maritime heritage, world-famous historic sites, this is what the faithful of Bretagne Sud Sotheby’s International Realty  are looking.
Luxury real estate in Morbihan