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Belonging to the district of Loire-Atlantique, Baule-Escoublac is situated on the Atlantic Coast from 77 km away on the West of Nantes.
September 24th, 1989,  the line TGV PARIS-NANTES-LE CROISIC  train was in service allowing to connect Baule-Escoublac in Nantes within one hour and Paris in three hours. The city has an aerodrome situated East of thecity. The elegant resort in the international fame lives at the rate of the seasons... Sometimes in summer, sometimes it is magic when Christmas is  arriving, every different time, every amazing time !
Born with the development of the railroad, La Baule was previously only a simple dune. The rich entrepreneurs developed the real estate there, to make a large sea resort.
The beach which the city shares with the nearby cities of Pouliguen and Pornichet, is more than eight kilometers is considered by many " as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe ". Its lines the districts of Baule-les-Pins, Baule-Centre and Casino-Benoît.
 Near Pouliguen, beach Benoît is considered as its very fine white sand, its foreshore gets big quantities of shells.
The Club of the most beautiful bays(berries) of the world, which counts at present about forty members, among whom : the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, Bay of Somme, Gulf of Morbihan in France but also the bay of SanFrancisco and the bay of Ha-Long has just welcome within it the Bay of La Baule. Sea resort of the Coast of Love, it is considered as its longest  beach situated at the bottom of the bay of Pouliguen, its casino and its luxury hotels by the sea. With a population estimated at approximately 16 000 inhabitants, the summer population can reach 150 000 inhabitants.
The climate of the municipality is, as it is the case for all Loire-Atlantique area, as oceanic type whose penetration is favored by the presence of the estuary of Loire river and the absence of any important relief.
The station of La Baule offers numerous leisure activities and special event managements all year around, the most important of which are "the Derbies of La Baule" Brittany the South Of Sotheby International Realty of which is often a sponsor, competitions for the amateurs and passionate with Polo, Golf, riding, beach volleyball,  beach tennis, etc...... The Restaurants of Beach with their terraces sea views, and the magnificent sunsets, will give you a strong feeling of somewhere else,  so particular in this unique Bay.
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